Campaign Overview

Multi Touch Email Deployments + Remarketing to Openers

3 email touches spaced 7-10 days apart. Deployments 1 &2 will be to the full target list and a
3rd deployment will be to the Openers of deployment 1 & 2.

With marketing efforts, repetition is key. This approach allows you to reach your target market repetitiously, creating branding and awareness about your company or service.

Lead Me Media encourages clients to keep the creative the same for deployment 1 & 2, while changing the subject lines. Deployment #3 should be a new creative version that flows from the prior creative. This new version will help to entice a sense of urgency to the advertiser's Call To Action the opener ONLY. This helps to re-engage those consumers that are authentic handraisers.

Targeting Selects

Fast casual foodies, college students, families with multiple children in the home, football enthusiasts.

Email deployments

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30 days
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- John Quincy Adams

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